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We are trained to assist domestic and foreign clients in all areas of business law. All team members have acquired additional academic and professional qualifications in the course of their training or have several years of experience.

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15 years and still on the road

Since operation in 2007, with the enthusiasm and efforts of Mekong Counsel and now Finch Law team, our brand has taken steady steps and become the ultimate choice of enterprises in and outside Vietnam, especially for foreign corporates who want to set up for their investment in Vietnam. Going through this competitive and challenging market for more than 15 years, never have I thought for one moment about resting for an easy way out. Assissting clients to go over problems and difficulties is the greatest award that Finch Law and I, personally, will always pursue.  

Life is a journey, and my destination is where our clients outreach their success with the assistance of my team.  



Michael M Poole

Fidelity, Insight, Non-stop, Collaboration and Harmony. 

Demeanours that build up Finch Law’s success throughout these years.

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Going through many hard cases, we understand that extraordinary outcomes always derives from collective efforts. 

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